Brushcutting- and trimmer Jacket, High Viz

Jacket especially designed for working long hours with a harness. High visibility approved according to EN ISO 20471 Class 3. Place for extra padding to relieve the shoulders. Pockets are easy to reach while wearing a harness. Ventilation zippers under the arms and ventilation yoke in the back keep the temperature at a comfortable level. A new arm construction and ergonomically pre-bent arms gives you high movability together with the 4-way stretch fabric on the back. Size S – XXL.

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Gtin 13 ean7392930271029
Product naam kortBrushcutting- and trimmer Jacket, High Viz
Artikel brutogewicht calc2.844 lbs
Artikel brutogewicht1290 g
Artikel nettogewicht calc1.852 lbs
Artikel nettogewicht840 g
Generieke naam kortJACK
Generieke naam langJACK
Generieke naam accessoresJACK | JACK
Hoeveelheid in omverpakking1
Hus beschermende kleding subgroepenTechnical
Jas broekmaat alphaM
Land van herkomstVietnam
Un numberNot applicable
Verpakkingsbreedte calc12.205 inch
Verpakkingsbreedte310 mm
Verpakkingshoogte calc2.953 inch
Verpakkingshoogte75 mm
Verpakkingslengte calc16.339 inch
Verpakkingslengte415 mm
Verpakkingsvolume9.65 dm³
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